How Much Would a Heavier Helium Atom Affect the Pitch of Your Voice?

Cyko_01: does it make your voice go higher or lower when inhaled?

Menkhaf: I guess it was a joke, but it should be rather simple to determine: if the gas if lighter than the atmosphere you're breathing, your voice will be lighter if you inhale this.

sploxx: To be more specific, the molecular weight of normal He to He with one muon attached is roughly 4.1/4.0. The change in pitch relative to breathing He should be the square root of that ratio, which is a change of about 1.2%. For someone with absolute pitch, it may be possible to hear the difference of tone of a musical instrument. But I doubt anyone will hear a difference when a person speaks.


If inhaled, how much would a helium atom altered to have a heavier muon substituted in place of an electron to resemble hydrogen affect the pitch of your voice?

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 Atomic Disguise Makes Helium Look Like Hydrogen
Electronic/World Wide Web>Message Posted to Online Forum/Discussion Group:  Cyko_01 (1092499), Menkhaf (627996), sploxx (622853) (Jan 30, 2011), Atomic Disguise Makes Helium Look Like Hydrogen, Slashdot, Retrieved on 2011-01-30
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    30 JAN 2011

     Helium Made to Mimic Hydrogen and High-Pitched Voices

    How to Disguise a Helium Atom as a Hydrogen Atom > Cause and Effect > How Much Would a Heavier Helium Atom Affect the Pitch of Your Voice?
    Physicists made a helium atom act like a hydrogen atom, and the geeks at Slashdot figure out how much the new helium atom would affect the pitch of your voice in comparison to a normal helium atom.