How Brian Eno's Mind has Changed Through Use of the Intenet

I notice that I now digest my knowledge as a patchwork drawn from a wider range of sources than I used to. I notice too that I am less inclined to look for joined-up finished narratives and more inclined to make my own collage from what I can find. I notice that I read books more cursorily — scanning them in the same way that I scan the Net — ‘bookmarking’ them.


I notice that more of my time is spent in words and language — because that is the currency of the Net — than it was before. My notebooks take longer to fill. I notice that I mourn the passing of the fax machine, a more personal communication tool than email because it allowed the use of drawing and handwriting. I notice that my mind has reset to being primarily linguistic rather than, for example, visual.

I notice that the idea of ‘expert’ has changed. An expert used to be ‘somebody with access to special information’. Now, since so much information is equally available to everyone, the idea of ‘expert’ becomes ‘somebody with a better way of interpreting’. Judgement has replaced access.


Some observations made by the author about how his thinking and behaviors have changed through online technologies.

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 The 'Authentic' has Replaced the Reproducible
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Eno, Brian (January, 2010), The 'Authentic' has Replaced the Reproducible, Edge Foundation, Inc., Retrieved on 2010-10-01
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