Galileo on Empiricism

If experiments are performed thousands of times at all seasons and in every place without once producing the effects mentioned by your philosophers, poets, and historians, this will mean nothing and we must believe their words rather our own eyes? But what if I find for you a state of the air that has all the conditions you say are required, and still the egg is not cooked nor the lead ball destroyed? Alas! I should be wasting my efforts... for all too prudently you have secured your position by saying that 'there is needed for this effect violent motion, a great quantity of exhalations, a highly attenuated material and whatever else conduces to it.' This 'whatever else' is what beats me, and gives you a blessed harbor, a sanctuary completely secure.


Lamenting the fact that if something philosophy asserts cannot be observed in nature, then why not abandon it?

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 Discoveries and opinions of Galileo
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Galilei , Galileo and Drake , Stillman (1957), Discoveries and opinions of Galileo, Anchor, Retrieved on 2012-05-18
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