Mathematics as Magic

Who ... is not familiar with Maxwell's memoirs on his dynamical theory of gases? ... from one side enter the equations of state; from the other side, the equations of motion in a central field. Ever higher soars the chaos of formulae. Suddenly we hear, as from kettle drums, the four beats 'put n=5.' The evil spirit v vanishes; and ... that which had seemed insuperable has been overcome as if by a stroke of magic ... One result after another follows in quick succession till at last ... we arrive at the conditions for thermal equilibrium together with expressions for the transport coefficients.


Ludwig Bolzmann describes working through Maxwell's dynamical theory of gases.

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 Statistical and thermal physics
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Sturge , Michael Dudley (2003), Statistical and thermal physics, A K Peters, Ltd., Retrieved on 2012-01-19
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