Universal Intelligence Cannot Exist

We conclude that there cannot be a strongly cohesive network of communicating, unifying intelligences through the whole universe if (1) such galactic civilizations evolve upward from individual planetary societies and if (2) the velocity of light is indeed a fixed limit on the speed of information transmission, as special relativity requires (i.e., if we ignore such possibilities as using black holes for fast transport: See Chapter 39). Such a universal intelligence is a kind of god that cannot exist.

In a way, St. Augustine and many other thoughtful theologians have come to rather the same conclusion – God must not live from moment to moment, but during all times simultaneously. This is, in a way, the same as saying that special relativity does not apply to Him. But supercivilization gods, perhaps the only ones that this kind of scientific speculation admits, are fundamentally limited. There may be such gods of galaxies, but not of the universe as a whole.


At best, aliens advanced enough to be gods could only exist at a galactic level.

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 Carl Sagan's cosmic connection
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Sagan , Carl (2000-10-23), Carl Sagan's cosmic connection, Cambridge Univ Pr, Retrieved on 2012-01-01
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