The Sensory Database

Both technological sensors and enhanced biological senses come equipped with databases of scanned “signatures” that make it easier to identify whatever the user is sensing (in the case of bioware, these databases are stored and accessed via the character’s mesh inserts). For example, infrared sensors feature databases listing the heat signatures of different animals and items, making it easier to identify such things. In relevant situations, apply a 20 modifier for identifying targets sensed this way.


SF idea that cyber-implants would be linked to a database of identifiers. Similar to how the nose is a library of molecules, with dogs having longer noses and therefore a larger library of molecules they can identify in their database.

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 Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook
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    16 APR 2013

     Sensory Libraries

    There is No "Smell Pixel" > Similarity > The Sensory Database
    Vision and hearing are analog, but smell references a library. Cybernetic senses would also be linked to a library to explain what the user is sensing.