08 NOV 2013 by ideonexus

 Strength vs. Cunning vs. Skill

Here, then, Skill enters the arena with a challenge to both earlier contestants — for the prize of human control, and mastery of the social machinery; enters that contest — older than the race itself — the struggle to satisfy the primordial instincts: to Live — to Control — to Take. Strength vs. Cunning vs. Skill. Thus the contest has become a triangular fight between the Strong, the Cunning, and the Skilful; a fight in which raw brute force is a participant of rapidly diminishing ...
Folksonomies: skill knowledge society
Folksonomies: skill knowledge society
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Cunning control is the winner in the 1920s, but skill will prevail.

13 OCT 2013 by ideonexus

 The Talent of Mechanics

Generally speaking, people have a very erroneous idea of the type of talent proper to the ideal mechanician. He is not a geometrician who, delving into the theory of movement and the categories of phenomena, formulates new mechanical principles or discovers unsuspected laws of nature.… In most other branches of science are to be found constant principles; a multitude of methods offer to the genius inexhaustible possibilities. If a scholar poses himself a new problem, he can attack it fortif...
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It is highly intuitive and cannot be taught from a textbook. It sounds much like an art.

03 SEP 2011 by ideonexus

 The Hierarchical World of Mathematics and Theoretical Phy...

The world of mathematics and theoretical physics is hierarchical. That was my first exposure to it. There's a limit beyond which one cannot progress. The differences between the limiting abilities of those on successively higher steps of the pyramid are enormous. I have not seen described anywhere the shock a talented man experiences when he finds, late in his academic life, that there are others enormously more talented than he. I have personally seen more tears shed by grown men and women o...
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The difference in talent between individuals is enormous, and shocking to those who discover others are vastly more talented than they.