The Hierarchical World of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

The world of mathematics and theoretical physics is hierarchical. That was my first exposure to it. There's a limit beyond which one cannot progress. The differences between the limiting abilities of those on successively higher steps of the pyramid are enormous. I have not seen described anywhere the shock a talented man experiences when he finds, late in his academic life, that there are others enormously more talented than he. I have personally seen more tears shed by grown men and women over this discovery than I would have believed possible. Most of those men and women shift to fields where they can compete on more equal terms.


The difference in talent between individuals is enormous, and shocking to those who discover others are vastly more talented than they.

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 Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Series)
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Alvarez , Luis W. (1989-05), Alvarez: Adventures of a Physicist (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Series), Basic Books, Retrieved on 2011-09-03
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