22 NOV 2013 by ideonexus

 Sid Myer's "Civilization" as an Educational Tool

[Kurt D.] Squire has studied middle school kids who played Civ3. He found that some students who were able to spend the hours needed to learn the game began to identify “rules” by which history progressed; rules that apply to such issues as resource allocation, the tradeoff between aggressive military expansion and diplomacy, and technological exchange among societies. Weir, who had college juniors and seniors playing every day for three weeks in a summer course, says some of the game sce...
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Perspectives from a selection of Professors who use the game to teach history, be it the trade-offs in growth, the way modern culture colors the portrayal of history in the game, and the way the game allows for speculation about alternative histories.

23 MAR 2011 by ideonexus

 Video Games are Work Made Fun

As you all know, games are about choices. Sid Meier famously defined games as "a series of interesting choices." And choice is the most fundamental expression of Will. How can an activity motivated by decisions, striving, goals and competition, a deliberate concentration of the force of Will, be used to transcend Will itself? You might as well try to smother a flame with oxygen. Game designers are taught that the ideal player experience is something called flow. Flow is that magical stat...
Folksonomies: art expression flow
Folksonomies: art expression flow
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Possibly the most convincing argument that video games are not art.