Tolerance for Ambiguity

I have a tolerance for ambiguity. It's clear to me that there's some questions that humans don't have the answers to and what arrogance to imagine we have answers to all questions. Science is sometimes, I know, attacked for supposed arogance, but I think it's the most humble occupation and discipline around. Because, instead of trying to impose our preconceptions, our predispositions on the Universe, we are open before the Universe to see what the Universe has to offer. Science is in the business of finding out what's true--to the extent that humans are capable of that--whereas a lot of these other disciplines are in the business of pretending that what feels good is true.


Carl Sagan on the humility of science in not imposing its preconceptions on reality.

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 Fresh Air Archive: Charles Haden and Carl Sagan
Audiovisual Media>Audio Recording:  Sagan , Carl and Gross, Terry (12-16-1999), Fresh Air Archive: Charles Haden and Carl Sagan, NPR Fresh Air, Retrieved on 2011-06-04
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