Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear requires you to train yourself to think every time you feel fear, rather than just reacting instinctively. The thought process I go through goes like this:

I'm scared. Is it physical danger? No. Well, when I make a decision based on fear, it's often a bad one, so I'm going to put the fear aside and ask myself "What is my purpose in this situation?" I'll make my decision consciously based on what helps achieve my purpose better, rather than unconsciously on my instinctive desire to run away from fear.

Sound kind of awkward and nerdy? That logical thought process was essential to my overcoming my stage fright and becoming a public speaker. After a while, it became second nature and I didn't need to think all the words anymore; I just seemed to have created a new unconscious thought pattern-a strategy-memethat supported my agenda rather than some prehistoric DNA's. Logic is a wonderful thing. A boring truth seldom taught in success seminars is that clear, logical thinking and simply plodding ahead with a plan are great tools for success in life.


Involves overcoming the instinctual reaction and focusing on the rational.

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 Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme
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