With Warm-Bloodedness Comes Freedom

Pelorat said, "Tortoises are cold-blooded. Terminus doesn't have any, but some worlds do. They are shelled creatures, very slow-moving but long-living.”

"Well, then, isn't it better to be a human being than a tortoise; to move quickly whatever the temperature, rather than slowly? Isn't it better to support high-energy activities, quickly contracting muscles, quickly working nerve fibers, intense and long-sustained thought-than to creep slowly, and sense gradually, and have only a blurred awareness of the immediate surroundings? Isn't it?"

"Granted," said Trevize. "It is. What of it?"

"Well, don't you know you must pay for warm-bloodedness? To maintain your temperature above that of your surroundings, you must expend energy far more wastefully than a tortoise must. You must be eating almost constantly so that you can pour energy into your body as quickly as it leaks out. You would starve far more quickly than a tortoise would, and die more quickly, too. Would you rather be a tortoise, and live more slowly and longer? Or would you rather pay the price and be a quick-moving, quick-sensing, thinking organism?"


...but it is costly, requiring much more fuel.

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 Foundation and Earth
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Asimov, Isaac (2004-08-31), Foundation and Earth, Spectra, Retrieved on 2011-05-28
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03 JUN 2013

 Warm-Blooded Mammals as Free Life

Constant and Free Life > Example/Illustration > With Warm-Bloodedness Comes Freedom
Two thoughts on how advanced life has evolved to maintain a regulated internal state that makes it independent of its environment rather than subject to it.
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Folksonomies: evolution syntropy


04 SEP 2011

 Big History

Memes about the history of the universe and the evolution of life on Earth to build into a timeline.