Warm-Blooded Mammals as Free Life

Two thoughts on how advanced life has evolved to maintain a regulated internal state that makes it independent of its environment rather than subject to it.

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Constant and Free Life

Constant, or free, life is the third form of life; it belongs to the most highly organized animals. In it, life is not suspended in any circumstance, it unrolls along a constant course, apparently indifferent to the variations in the cosmic environment, or to the changes in the material conditions that surround the animal. Organs, apparatus, and tissues function in an apparently uniform manner, without their activity undergoing those considerable variations exhibited by animals with an oscillating life. This because in reality the internal environment that envelops the organs, the tissues, and the elements of the tissues does not change; the variations in the atmosphere stop there, so that it is true to say that physical conditions of the environment are constant in the higher animals; it is enveloped in an invariable medium, which acts as an atmosphere of its own in the constantly changing cosmic environment. It is an organism that has placed itself in a hot-house. Thus the perpetual changes in the cosmic environment do not touch it; it is not chained to them, it is free and independent.


Mammals and other animals that maintain a constant environment within themselves are free of the changes to the world outside them.

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With Warm-Bloodedness Comes Freedom

Pelorat said, \"Tortoises are cold-blooded. Terminus doesn\'t have any, but some worlds do. They are shelled creatures, very slow-moving but long-living.”

\"Well, then, isn\'t it better to be a human being than a tortoise; to move quickly whatever the temperature, rather than slowly? Isn\'t it better to support high-energy activities, quickly contracting muscles, quickly working nerve fibers, intense and long-sustained thought-than to creep slowly, and sense gradually, and have only a blurred awareness of the immediate surroundings? Isn\'t it?\"

\"Granted,\" said Trevize. \"It is. What of it?\"

\"Well, don\'t you know you must pay for warm-bloodedness? To maintain your temperature above that of your surroundings, you must expend energy far more wastefully than a tortoise must. You must be eating almost constantly so that you can pour energy into your body as quickly as it leaks out. You would starve far more quickly than a tortoise would, and die more quickly, too. Would you rather be a tortoise, and live more slowly and longer? Or would you rather pay the price and be a quick-moving, quick-sensing, thinking organism?\"


...but it is costly, requiring much more fuel.

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