Get Babies Used to Strangers

Grandmother says, "You had them and you should never leave them." Such martyrdom is selfish and harmful to both you and the child. Someday such clinging, dependent children will have to be torn from their mothers and get the rude shock that there are other people m the world—on the first day at school, for instance. This shock will be far less and the adjustment to the presence of other residents of this planet far better if they get a sneak preview in advance that there are others. There is nothing more sickening to see than a child throwing a tantrum ("Don't leave me, don't leave me!") when the parents are going out for an evening. If they have been regularly introduced to baby-sitters since they were two weeks old, they are intellectually curious about outsiders. They get sick and tired of looking at their parents constantly and will tend to ask later, "Don't you two ever go anywhere?" They will accept and like the challenge of meeting strangers. Also, parents tend to get tired of their children ("They get on my nerves!") if f they are never separated for regular short intervals.


To prevent them from being to clingy later in life.

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Folksonomies: parenting child rearing