Ten Golden Rules of Go

  1. Tan Bu De Sheng (贪不得胜) - The greedy do not get success
  2. Ru Jie Yi Huan (入界宜缓) - Be unhurried to enter opponent´s territory
  3. Gong Bi Gu Wo (攻彼顾我) - Take care of oneself when attacking the other
  4. Qi Zi Zheng Xian (弃子争先) - Discard a stone to gain sente
  5. She Xiao Jiu Da (舍小就大) - Abandon small to save big
  6. Feng Wei Xu Qi (逢危须弃) - When in danger, sacrifice
  7. Shen Wu Qing Su (慎勿轻速) - Make thick shape, avoid hasty moves
  8. Dong Xu Xiang Ying (动须相应) - A move must respond to the opponent's
  9. Bi Qiang Zi Bao (彼强自保) - Against strong positions, play safely
  10. Shi Gu Qu He (势孤取和) - Look for peace, avoid fighting in an isolated or weak situation


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 The Ten Golden Rules List
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