The Circle of the Brain cannot be Squared

A Circle round divided in four parts
Hath been great Study 'mongst the men of Arts;
Since Archimed's or Euclid's time, each Brain
Hath on a Line been stretched, yet all in Vain;
And every Thought hath been a Figure set,
Doubts Cyphers were, Hopes as Triangles met;
There was Division and Subtraction made,
And Lines drawn out, and Points exactly laid,
But none hath yet by Demonstration found
The way, by which to Square a Circle round:
For while the Brain is round, no Square will be,
While Thoughts divide, no Figures will agree.
And others did upon the same account, 
Doubling the Cube to a great number mount;
But some the Triangles did cut so small,
Till into equal Atoms they did fall:
For such is Man's curiosity and mind,
To seek for that, which is hardest to find.


A poem about the brain, quantification, and human curiosity.

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 The Scientific Poems of Margaret Cavendish
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Cavendish , Margaret (1657), The Scientific Poems of Margaret Cavendish, Retrieved on 2011-04-13
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