The Classroom Library Checklist

Classroom Library Environment

  • The classroom has a clearly designated, accessible, and inviting library space.
  • The classroom has several areas for students to read comfortably.
  • Classroom rituals and routines are established to support student self-management of independent reading.
  • The library area has room for 3 or 4 students to review and select texts.

Classroom Library Content

  • I have at least 15 to 20 texts for each student.
  • There is a balance of fiction and informational texts.
  • The selection includes a range of genres and text structures.
  • The selection includes a range of levels that meet my students’ needs.
  • There is a variety of high-quality texts that meet my students’ ages, interests, and development.
  • Texts have characters and content that are relevant to students’ background and the community.
  • Many texts support content the students are learning (math, science, social studies).

Student Readiness and Self-Direction

  • Students have been explicitly taught strategies for self-selection.
  • Students have the stamina to read independently for up to 30 minutes.
  • Students have a book bin/box and a protocol for the content.
  • Students have a log or graph to record their reading and goals.

Organization and Management

  • Shelves, bins, and containers display texts and promote self-selection.
  • Texts are organized in multiple ways (level, genre, picture or chapter book, favorite author).
  • Students know the organization system and use it effectively.
  • Anchor charts provide guidance for self-selection, book bin protocols, and exchanging texts.
  • A check-out and return system is in place and supports ongoing organization.
  • The collection includes a system to “weed” old or unused books and “feed” new books.

Independent Reading and Conferring

  • I have a conferring schedule to meet with students weekly or biweekly.
  • I have a process to collect data on my students’ independent reading.

My conferring sessions include regular use of

Goal setting, which includes book choice, reading volume and/or pace, and reading a variety of genres. A system to check strategy application. Assessment of fluency and comprehension


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