Notes From the Cosmic Perspective

Culture is the things you do that you don’t notice. In Italy they have a pasta aisle. In America we have ready made cereal isle, Soft drink aisle.

Culture of discovery doesn't last forever

Backup mic display

Bad seats people

Periodic table flags

Top countries of element discovery, noble gases

Scientists on currency

Franklin outwitted god - Lightning rod, discharge electrons

9/11 vs a golden age of islam

Alhazen, optics, previously people thought sight was beaming, active

2/3 of stars have arabic names, Arabic numbers (formerly Hindu Numbers), algorithm, algebra Superbowl L - nfl abandoning Roman numerals Al-ghazali: math is earthly, philosophy shifted culture away from science, when "God's will" is a satisfactory answer to everything you stop progressing.

13th floor, superstition, negative number floors.

"Tomorrow" as envisioned "Yesterday"

The cosmic perspective

Universe as simulation: cosmic rays energy cutoff, speed of light


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 An Evening With Noel DeGrasse Tyson
Proceedings of Meetings and Symposia>Speech:  Tyson, Neil deGrasse (20150226), An Evening With Noel DeGrasse Tyson, Constitution Hall, Washington DC, Retrieved on 2015-03-04
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