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 Notes From the Cosmic Perspective

Culture is the things you do that you don’t notice. In Italy they have a pasta aisle. In America we have ready made cereal isle, Soft drink aisle. Culture of discovery doesn't last forever Backup mic display Bad seats people Periodic table flags Top countries of element discovery, noble gases Scientists on currency Franklin outwitted god - Lightning rod, discharge electrons 9/11 vs a golden age of islam Alhazen, optics, previously people thought sight was beaming, active 2/3 o...
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 Guide Your Child to a $50k a Year Career

Guide your child toward a $50,000 career   People who earn six- and seven-figure incomes, studies show, are not substantially happier than those who earn five. The cutoff is about $50,000, in 2010 dollars.
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This is the median income of happy people, higher incomes than this do not come with significant increases in happiness.