RPG as Discovery

In a roleplaying game, the players take on the roles of people in a fictional world. Each player creates a character to portray, and together, the players create a story. In their imagination, the players experience the same challenges and rewards that their characters experience. To facilitate this, the rules of the game govern whether characters succeed or fail at what they try to do. This book sometimes refers to the player characters as PCs.

In addition to the players who are the characters in the story, there is another player—the game master—who is not only the arbiter of the rules but also the crafter of the narrative. The game master (sometimes referred to as the GM) introduces complications, enemies, allies, twists, and surprises into the story. He or she should have a copy of the full corebook—Numenera, which includes all the information from this book, plus much more. As a player, you can read through the corebook if you wish, but everything you need is here.

Numenera is all about discovery. In the game, your character will discover wonders of the prior ages (our own world’s far distant future) and a technology so advanced that, as author Arthur C. Clarke wrote, it is indistinguishable from magic. You will discover mysteries to solve and meet interesting people who populate this strange world. You will discover dangerous foes in the form of extraterrestrials, robots, mutants, or the genetic experiments of the past. You will discover technology called the numenera that will aid in your endeavors.

The key to playing Numenera is the story. The way to “win” this game is to come away with a great tale. Always remember that your character is one of the main heroes in a fabulous science-fantasy narrative. The Ninth World is a weird and wondrous place, and the trials and tribulations you face are part of that story. Through your character, you will discover things unlike anything you’ve dreamed of, and in so doing craft a tale with your friends that you’ll always remember.


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 Numenera Player's Guide
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Cook, Monte (2013-06-01), Numenera Player's Guide, Retrieved on 2015-02-25
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