DM as Collaborator with Players

Most games have a winner and a loser, but the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game is fundamentally a cooperative game. The Dungeon Master (DM) plays the roles of the antagonists in the adventure, but the DM isn’t playing against the player characters (PCs). Although the DM represents all the PCs’ opponents and adversaries—monsters, nonplayer characters (NPCs), traps, and the like—he or she doesn’t want the player characters to fail any more than the other players do. The players all cooperate to achieve success for their characters. The DM’s goal is to make success taste its sweetest by presenting challenges that are just hard enough that the other players have to work to overcome them, but not so hard that they leave all the characters dead.


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 Dungeon Master's Guide 4th Edition
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Slavicsek, Wyatt, Laws (2009), Dungeon Master's Guide 4th Edition, Retrieved on 2015-02-24
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    22 FEB 2015

     Role Playing Games

    Comparative notes from various RPGs, including multiple editions of D&D.
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    Folksonomies: rpgs role-playing games