An Aquarium Teaches Kids About Domestic Life

And what, I ask you, are we to think of the viviparous fish, those that actually pair off in no uncertain manner and a little later bring forth living young! (You catch the drift?) What of the Guppyi, the Helleri, the Tetras and Danios and other tropicals with which our apartments are full to overflowing? Well, at least they keep our own offspring off the streets; you can hardly pry them away from the tank. They might miss something. I always say a small aquarium containing several of these delicately lovely creatures is truly educational, for it is here that our kiddies learn all they need to know about infanticide, homicide, uxoricide, cannibalism in the home and other familiar matters of domestic routine.


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 How to Become Extinct
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Cuppy , Will (2008-08-30), How to Become Extinct, Non Pareil Books, Retrieved on 2012-04-13
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