Death is Not a Law of Nature

Nature is regarded as a death-bearing, self-destructive force, but not because of its blindness. Yet where can a blind force lead except to death ? Humans admit nature to be a blind force even when they regard themselves as part of it and accept death as a kind of law and not as a mere accident which has permeated nature and become its organic vice. Yet death is merely the result or manifestation of our infantilism, lack of independence and self-reliance, and of our incapacity for mutual support and the restoration of life. People are still minors, half-beings, whereas the fulness of personal existence, personal perfection, is possible. However, it is possible only within general perfection. Coming of age will bring perfect health and immortality, but for the living immortality is impossible without the resurrection of the dead.


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 What was man created for?
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Fedorov, Nikolań≠ Fedorovich (1990-12), What was man created for?, Hyperion Books, Retrieved on 2015-01-15
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    16 JAN 2015

     Death is Not a Law

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    Folksonomies: immortality transhumanism
    Folksonomies: immortality transhumanism