Human Communication with Matrioshka Brains

Communication between humans and MB is essentially pointless.  The computational capacity difference between a MB and a human is on the order of 1016 (ten million billion) times greater than the difference between a human and a nematode (~109)!  A single MB can emulate the entire history of human thought in a few microseconds.  It is important to consider that intelligence may not be a linear process.  There is a rather large difference between the intelligence of a human and a chimpanzee or parrot, yet their computational capacities are not separated by more than a few orders of magnitude.  Accumulated knowledge (language, history, teaching methods, scientific theories and data) significantly leverage the intelligence of individual humans.  We may therefore expect, that the intelligence gap between a MB compared to a human or even human civilization could be significantly worse than that which might be expected from differences in computational capacity alone.


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 Matrioshka Brains
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Bradbury, Robert J. (1997-2000), Matrioshka Brains, Retrieved on 2014-11-06
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