Reality Teaches Us

At birth one may stand at the cross-roads for only a few lal. The adjustments are peremptory. The human mechanism must adjust itself to the new world. If it does,—then life. Sometimes it is necessary to "slap" it. That is "science" giving a first lesson in adjustment. An adequate supply of oxygen for the cells of the body is the first problem man faces when he comes into this world. Every pink pill is not a piece of candy. Science goes to the rescue and re-establishes adjustments. Man tires of gambling; he wants a preview of the outcome. Science predicts both the rain and the sun¬ shine. Each man has his own sun and rainbow. The "funded experience" of science 'saves' the human individual. It indicates the way of rational life. It converts the briar patch into a 'friendly' environment. His overbeliefs, how^ ever, may spoil the garden!


We start out trying to figure out the world, and science teaches us the lessons, but when we overbelieve--go beyond empirical evidence--we "may spoil the garden."

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 Man, the Universe-builder
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Lee, Richard Edwin (1932), Man, the Universe-builder, Retrieved on 2013-12-29
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