We are Ultimately Responsible for Our Fate

Thus it is that (to ensure feeding and breeding), "Nature" during the aeons of experimentation which we call "Evolution" has developed a variety of fixed preservative instincts, traits, and characteristics in the animal world. From the animal world, we as animals have inherited such of these instincts, traits, and characteristics as were necessary or most favorable to Man's survival and present dominance.

"Gifts": Peculiarly Human.

In addition to these, man lias acquired, attained, or been endowed with "gifts" peculiar to himself which render him unique — Consciousness of Self, Freedom of Choice, and Purposive Rationality.

A Cosmic Invitation.

By these latter acquisitions, Man has been placed in the peculiar situation of being an invited participator in the evolutionary process, including also the working of this cosmic process as concerns himself.

This momentous invitation he is free to accept or reject.


If he accepts the invitation he assumes its inherently implied terms. He assumes responsibility for the outcome of his interference with the evolutionary process. He gets the benefits which his intelligent co-operation may bring him, and the accomplishment of his own desires, but, also, he must bear the pains and penalties of his own foolish actions.

If he accepts the invitation to take a responsible part in his own evolution, he has at his disposal all of the active forces of Nature including those which motivate himself, — his bodily mechanism, his instincts, his proclivities, his economic traits, his intelligence — to make or mar himself and his institutions.


If he docs not accept the invitation to participate in the miracle of ereation and the Cosmic Enterprise, the Great Undertaking: goes on without a flicker of disturbance — indifferent to his existence — or what amounts to the same, regardless of outcomes which are humanly desirable.


All of this means that human society as it exists today is the end-result of these various factors.

If the outcome does not please or suit us it is our own fault and the remedy lies in our own hands — with the proviso that we realize the terms of the implied contract and understand the nature of the instrumentalities at our disposal with which to realize our purposes.


If we choose to interfere with evolution and nature, then we are responsible for the consequences, but if we choose not to, then we are also responsible for the consequences.

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 Technocracy, First, Second and Third Series Social Universals
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