A Thought is Like Film Being Exposed Over and Over

A thought is a system, and is inherently conceptual-though often only dimly and confusedly conceptual at the moment of first awareness of the as yet only vaguely describable thinking activity. Because total universe is nonsimultaneous it is not conceptual. Conceptuality is produced by isolation, such as in the instance of one single, static picture held out from a moving-picture film's continuity, or scenario. Universe is an evolutionary-process scenario without beginning or end, because the shown part is continually transformed chemically into fresh film and reexposed to the ever self-reorganizing process of latest thought realizations which must continually introduce new significance into the freshly written description of the ever-transforming events before splicing the film in again for its next projection phase.


Each new exposure layers onto the old, with echoes of the old still faintly visible. The Universe shares this characteristic over time.

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 Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Fuller, R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster) and Snyder, Jaime (2008-09-03), Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, Lars Muller Publishers, Retrieved on 2013-10-01
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