The Bored at Work Network (BWN)

Global capitalism has produced hundreds of millions of bored office workers who sit in front of computers forwarding emails and surfing the Web. These alienated white-collar professionals spend half their day sharing media with their friends, inadvertently creating the Bored at Work Network (BWN).

A by-product of alienated labor, the BWN has become the largest alternative to the corporate media. Activists, artists, and hackers can reach millions of people through the BWN, successfully distributing media that governments would deem illegal and corporate outlets would censor.

The type of media distributed by the BWN is “contagious media.” Contagious media starts small but spreads virally to a large audience because people share it with their friends. Humorous emails, joke websites, web-based games, silly video clips, and political calls to action are often characterized by this sort of viral propagation.


A network where viral memes propagate.

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 Notes on Contagious Media
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