Cybernetics Extending Human Perception

And man's relationship to his environment has changed. As a result of cybernetic efficiency, he finds himself becoming more and more predominantly a Controller and less and Effecter. The machine, largely self-regulating and highly adaptive, stands between man and his world. It extends his perception in furthest space and deep into the finest particles of matter; physical labour is replaced by accurate, tireless automata; in many situations teh machine can gather required information, store, process and act on hit more swiftly and reliably than Man himself can. He perceives teh world through the excellent artificial systems he has devised. Cybernetics is not only changing the world, it is presenting us with qualities of experience and modes of perception which radically alter our conception of it.


This passage appears under a sub-section titled "Science and a Discipline for Art", where the author is arguing for artists to pay attention to progress being made in science for inspirations to enhance their artistic endeavors.

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 The Construction of Change
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Ascott, Roy (1964), The Construction of Change, Cambridge Opinion, 41: 37-42, Britain, Retrieved on -0001-11-30