Science Unites

One of the great advantages of the naturalist worldview is that it serves as a basis for bringing people together under a common set of ground rules. Knowledge in science is public, not private, because it must be submitted to others for verification or falsification. A naturalist believes that the empirical truth is waiting to be discovered, and that we can all agree on the empirical truth so long as we believe in a few important criteria. Science can exist in any culture and any nation. It is a worldwide enterprise where people with radically different backgrounds can converge on the same truth. In an age when disagreements on issues of truth and opinion loom so large, the ability of naturalism to forge agreement on hard issues is one of its great attractions.


If we all agree on an empirical worldview, then we have a common basis for understanding across nations and cultures.

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 Anarchy Evolution
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Graffin , Greg and Olson , Steve (2011-10-18), Anarchy Evolution, Harper Perennial, Retrieved on 2013-01-08
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