Definition of a Naturalist

If people ask me about my worldview, I say that I am a naturalist. When most people hear that word, they think of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors watching birds and admiring landscapes—and I suppose that description applies to me. But I think of naturalism as a philosophy rather than a lifestyle. F a philosophical perspective, naturalists believe that the physical universe is the universe. In other words, there are no supernatural entities or forces acting on nature, because there is no empirical evidence for anything beyond or outside of nature. T Naturalists posit that the universe is made up of only four things: space, time. matter, and energy—and that's it. The matter and energy in.n the universe can come together in an essentially infinite number of configurations over time, and these configurations cannot be predicted with any certainty for complex systems over extended periods.^ But matter and energy do not influence and are not influenced by supernatural forces.


It is a philosophical state of mind, grounded in empiricism, in addition to being one who appreciates nature.

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 Anarchy Evolution
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