Happiness Comes from Finding Balance

I do not believe that science per se is an adequate source of happiness, nor do I think that my own scientific outlook has contributed very greatly to my own happiness, which I attribute to defecating twice a day with unfailing regularity. Science in itself appears to me neutral, that is to say, it increases men's power whether for good or for evil. An appreciation of the ends of life is something which must be superadded to science if it is to bring happiness, but only the kind of society to which science is apt to give rise. I am afraid you may be disappointed that I am not more of an apostle of science, but as I grow older, and no doubt—as a result of the decay of my tissues, I begin to see the good life more and more as a matter of balance and to dread all over-emphasis upon anyone ingredient.


Bertrand Russell's observations in his old age.

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 The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Russell , Bertrand (1971-04-15), The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell, Retrieved on 2012-06-21
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