The Wonders of Science

The steam-engine in its manifold applications, the crime-decreasing gas-lamp, the lightning conductor, the electric telegraph, the law of storms and rules for the mariner's guidance in them, the power of rendering surgical operations painless, the measures for preserving public health, and for preventing or mitigating epidemics,—such are among the more important practical results of pure scientific research, with which mankind have been blessed and States enriched.


A survey of them and how the improve the quality of life in the 1850s.

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 President's Address to the British Association, Leeds (1858)
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Owen, Sir Richard (1859), President's Address to the British Association, Leeds (1858), Yearbook of Facts in Science and Art, Retrieved on 2012-06-09
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    02 MAY 2013

     Science Improves Our Quality of Life

    Examples of science, technology, and invention improving the human condition.