Edison Describes the Cells that Make Up the Body

What we call man is a mechanism made up of … uncrystallized matter … all the colloid matter of his mechanism is concentrated in a countless number of small cells. … [T]hese cells [are] dwelling places, communes, a walled town within which are many citizens. ... [T]hese are the units of life and when they pass out into space man as we think we know him is dead, a mere machine from which the crew have left,so to speak. ... [T]hese units are endowed with great intelligence. They have memories, they must be divided into countless thousands of groups, most are workers, there are directing groups. Some are chemists, they manufacture the most complicated chemicals that are secreted by the glands.


Categorizing them into workers in a factory.

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 The diary and sundry observations of Thomas Alva Edison
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Edison , Thomas Alva (1968-06), The diary and sundry observations of Thomas Alva Edison, Greenwood Pub Group, Retrieved on 2012-04-27
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