The Wonder of X-Rays Affecting a Photographic Plate

But in its [the corpuscular theory of radiation] relation to the wave theory there is one extraordinary and, at present, insoluble problem. It is not known how the energy of the electron in the X-ray bulb is transferred by a wave motion to an electron in the photographic plate or in any other substance on which the X-rays fall. It is as if one dropped a plank into the sea from the height of 100 ft. and found that the spreading ripple was able, after travelling 1000 miles and becoming infinitesimal in comparison with its original amount, to act upon a wooden ship in such a way that a plank of that ship flew out of its place to a height of 100 ft. How does the energy get from one place to the other?


Bragg compares it to a wave traveling 100 feet to knock a board out of a ship.

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 Aether Waves and Electrons
Periodicals>Journal Article:  Bragg, Sir William (1921), Aether Waves and Electrons, Nature, 1921, 107, 374, Retrieved on 2012-01-28
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