Michael Faraday's Advice to School Children

Study science with earnestness -- search into nature -- elicit the truth -- reason on it, and reject all which will not stand the closest investigation. Keep your imagination within bounds, taking heed lest it run away with your judgment. Above all, let me warn you young ones of the danger of being led away by the superstitions which at this day of boasted progress are a disgrace to the age, and which afford astonishing proofs of the vast floods of ignorance overwhelming and desolating the highest places.


Find truth, temper your imagination, don't be led astray by superstitions.

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 The electric life of Michael Faraday
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Hirshfeld , Alan (2006-03-07), The electric life of Michael Faraday, Walker & Company, Retrieved on 2012-01-05
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