Modern Explorers Must Change Their Methods

Today there remain but a few small areas on the world's map unmarked by explorers' trails. Human courage and endurance have conquered the Poles; the secrets of the tropical jungles have been revealed. The highest mountains of the earth have heard the voice of man. But this does not mean that the youth of the future has no new worlds to vanquish. It means only that the explorer must change his methods.


If they want to venture into new realms of knowledge. Andrews may be talking about scientific methods here as a means to seeing previously explored settings with new eyes.

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 On the trail of ancient man: A narrative of the field work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Andrews , Roy Chapman (1926), On the trail of ancient man: A narrative of the field work of the Central Asiatic Expeditions, Putnam, Retrieved on 2011-09-06
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18 MAY 2011

 Living the Scientific Life

Habits, actions, and culture for living life like a scientist.