The Costs of Our Complicated Spelling System

A short list of the problems caused by the irregularity of English spelling starts with children being taught the alphabet and finding that it is a poor guide on how to reliably pronounce the written form or reproducing spoken words in writing.

This leads inevitably to poor results in other areas of learning, as without literacy competency, no child can master other subjects.

Apart from the loss in terms of peoples? working lives there are other costs associated with remedial classes, additional spelling classes, all of which would be better used in teaching other subjects in a world that requires a skilled and knowledgeable work force.

The costs run into billions of pounds annually.


When all knowledge springs from literacy, inconsistent spelling hurts our potential workforce and individuals who fail to adapt.

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 The Spelling Society
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    31 DEC 2010

     Arguments for English Spelling Reform

    This schema is a collection of arguments about how proper grammar, with its illogical and inconsistently applied rules, is used by academics and intellectuals to create a privileged class of people who's ideas deserve considering because they have successfully learned the irrational system.
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    Folksonomies: phonetics grammar