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Completed 01/01/2011

  1. UTF8 Character Encoding
  2. Change password
  3. Meme Triples.
  4. User Accounts Update Display Name
  5. Opened Reference, Clicked on Meme, Clicked back to Reference, Lost UID

Completed 12/01/2010

  1. Child Schemas.
  2. Show parent reference when viewing child reference.
  3. Update date when add, edit, delete an entity relationship
  4. Color-Code References, Memes, Schemas. User will identify each by its border.
  5. Child References
  6. Taxonomy links for a reference listed beneath a meme are broken.
  7. Filter out Microsoft Quotes and other special characters.
  8. Validate HTML Inputs.
  9. “mine” var being lost when modal search for memes and references (try paging nav and search).
  10. Generate a reference from Amazon.com
  11. Remove title links from references when modal.
  12. Hitting enter should submit search form.
  13. Move paging number of pages to filter xml.
  14. Update number of pages from returned formfield.
  15. Add existing reference to meme.
  16. Add reference to meme: getting loading display at bottom of page on save.
  17. Disassociate Meme from Schema.
  18. Add Meme to Schema via Selector.
  19. Get date saved working and order search results by date added/last modified by default, provide selector to sort by other.
  20. Paging: Limit page menu by range.
  21. Editing Title of Meme doesn’t work.
  22. On Add Meme: page should redirect to display the added meme. This allows verification of entry and entry of a reference (see modal redirect method).
  23. Implement paging of records.
  24. Add Meme to Schema via search.
  25. Remove memes from references, and assign existing memes to references.
  26. Users:
    1. Menu Options
    2. Log Off Button.
    3. User memes, references, schemas.
    4. Email verification.
  27. Email verification login:
  28. Login.
  29. Move the word “The” to the end of titles, same with “A”.
  30. Display full references in Divs, not a table.
  31. Strip HTML tags from Memes, except p, em, b, ol, ul, and li
  32. Meme Search shouldn’t be case sensitive.
  33. ‘s should be replace in URLs, should not be displayed in html content. Remove from database if possible.
  34. Display Memes in Divs, like google does, not in table.
Date Posted: 27 Nov 2010 @ 10:51 PM
Last Modified: 27 Sep 2013 @ 04:22 PM
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