17 Jan 2011 @ 4:11 PM 

MemexPlex is online and open to new users. If you have any problems, and we know there are numerous bugs in the system, please don’t hesitate to report them. Some current issues we intent to resolve in the near future:

  • Quotes in the title of memes being added via a modal window are causing most of the title to drop.
  • We need to drop the fancy AJAX paging system for one that refreshes the page so people can keep their place when browsing through memes.
  • Unpublished child references and memes that fall under a published reference are being displayed. We need to filter those out.
  • There’s a few javascript bugginess things going on where functions are being called before they are loaded. Most of this goes away on a page refresh as the javascript gets cached, but it’s not a good first impression when you first come to the site.

I’ll post an update once these issues get resolved. Hopefully sometime this week. : )

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