Periodicals>Journal Article:  Leana, Illingworth, Wakec (2018), Unhappy families: using tabletop games as a technology to understand play in education, Journal: Research in Learning Technology, Retrieved on 2018-07-27
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    27 JUL 2018

     The Communal Nature of Tabletop Gaming Complicates Unders...

    De Koven’s concept of play is predicated on the idea that play, as a purposeless act, is the means through which we can build community and move closer to living better lives. He ultimately moves away from the idea of playing games and towards a purer idea of play beyond games, play as mastery over nothing in particular (De Koven 2013). For De Koven, games are at best a means to an end, a way to encourage an initial sense of playfulness; at worst, they are a controlling aspect over play, so...
    Folksonomies: education play gaming
    Folksonomies: education play gaming
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