The Frightening Discovery of the Void in the Atom

When I hear to-day protests against the Bolshevism of modern science and regrets for the old-established order, I am inclined to think that Rutherford, not Einstein, is the real villain of the piece. When we compare the universe as it is now supposed to be with the universe as we had ordinarily preconceived it, the most arresting change is not the rearrangement of space and time by Einstein but the dissolution of all that we regard as most solid into tiny specks floating in void. That gives an abrupt jar to those who think that things are more or less what they seem. The revelation by modern physics of the void within the atom is more disturbing than the revelation by astronomy of the immense void of interstellar space.


More frightening than the vastness of space.

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 The Nature of the Physical World
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Eddington , A. S. (2005-05), The Nature of the Physical World, Kessinger Publishing, Retrieved on 2012-04-26
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    09 MAY 2012

     The Empty Space of the Atom

    The Frightening Discovery of the Void in the Atom > Similarity > The Empty Space in an Atom
    We are shocked and disturbed by the vast emptiness of matter, which we cannot see with our eyes or feel through other senses.
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    Folksonomies: atom senses emptiness


    25 AUG 2012

     Science Koans

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    Folksonomies: meditation koan riddle