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 The problem with testing for abstraction

...students learn by doing. Testing for abstraction on an exam can’t be the only way we’re evaluating student learning. If I had taken an exam on leadership in World of Warcraft, I would have likely failed, because the way I was engaged was through the practice of performing the leadership, not by talking or quizzing on it. Thought leader within the game-based learning movement, James Paul Gee, refers to this type of learning as “Situated and Embodied Learning,” where the learning is ...
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Teambuilding & Leadership Embedded in Play Conor O'Malley

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 The Technocracy

The basis of modern industry being scientific knowledge of nature's laws whereby nature's resources are made available for human use and enjoyment through the aid and agency of technical skill, "Reconstruction" becomes essentially a process of selective rejection of present inappropriate economic usages; discarding customs which unduly facilitate the acquisitive instincts, and substituting others which tend to minimize social obstacles to the freer expression of the constructive or industrial...
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