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 Life Fights Entropy

Life is "Enclaves" in a Whirlpool of Chaos > Similarity > Living Things Renew Themselves
Folksonomies: life entropy syntropy
Folksonomies: life entropy syntropy
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 Relationship Between Intelligence and Entropy

Intelligence as a Response to Entropy > Summary > Intelligence Arises out of a Need to Maximize Entropy
From the original paper to a summary in a popular new article.
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 Two Perspectives on Entropy and Life

Evolution as Entropy Versus Organization > Comparison > Life as the Reduction of Entropy
Two ways of describing life as resistance to entropy. Once is life versus death, organization versus disorganization, the other as the intake of energy to maintain syntropy within the organism.
Folksonomies: entropy syntropy. life
Folksonomies: entropy syntropy. life