28 APR 2024 by ideonexus

 Legality Impacted by Complexity

Juridification is the Enemy of Legality > Summary > The Demise of Legality
When there are too many laws and the code becomes unnavigable, only the wealthy or those in power can enforce them to their own benefits and prejudices.
Folksonomies: law justice legality
Folksonomies: law justice legality
28 APR 2024 by ideonexus

 Abstraction Imperils Empiricism

Abstractions Turned Obfuscations > Emphasis > Don't Let the Simulation's Beauty Convince You It's Real
We live in a world of abstractions built on abstractions. These simulations take us further from reality and make empirical verification increasingly difficult.
Folksonomies: abstraction empiricism
Folksonomies: abstraction empiricism
05 JAN 2023 by ideonexus

 Web Gardens and Digital Streams

The Garden and the Stream as Metaphors for WWW > Additional Support/Evidence > Web Gardens and Streams Elaborated
Web Gardens are contextualized, interconnected spaces online like Wikipedia. Digital Streams are serialized events that flow like Twitter or Facebook feeds.
03 JAN 2023 by ideonexus

 Rabbit Holes

Q'non as an AR Game > Example/Illustration > Traits of Yoga Practice That Lead to Conspiracy Theories
Alternative medicine, Q'non, and AR games provide people with deep-dive information webs that are alluring because they privilege the participant with malleable independent knowledge.
24 SEP 2021 by ideonexus

 Can AI Make Something Greater than Itself?

The Ultraintelligent Machine will be Civilization's Last Invention > Contrast > Recursive Self-Improvement in Human Civilization
Humans can't make smarter humans, but we can make cognitive tools to help other humans. Computers do make faster computers without human intervention, but is that the same as an AI making a smarter AI?
07 NOV 2019 by ideonexus

 Chess Stress Response

The Chess Stress Response > Additional Support/Evidence > How Chess Taxes the Body
How the stress of playing chess can impact the body.
13 DEC 2018 by ideonexus

 Shutting Down Online Comments

Popular Science Shuts Down Comments > Emphasis > A Minority of Users Account for Majority of Online Comments
Online comment systems are hijacked by a minority of passionate individuals who tax the site and color perceptions of article content.
16 APR 2018 by ideonexus

 Computers Allow Teaching Mathematics as Art or Music

Mathematics Should be Taught Like Art > Conclusion > Pianos Make Music Accessible Like Computers Make Math Accessible
Computers allow children to play with mathematics, learning through low-cost failure and experimentation. Similar to how paints and a canvas allow exploring art, or a piano allows exploring music.
Folksonomies: education mathematics
Folksonomies: education mathematics
16 APR 2018 by ideonexus

 Facebook is the Gamification of Socialization

Facebook is a Game > Conclusion > Social Media Distorts Socialization Through Gamification
Both a distortion of socialization where the game is to be loved.
29 SEP 2017 by ideonexus

 Reading is About Worldview, Not Memorization

We Compile What We Read in the Context of When We Read It > Emphasis > It’s Okay to “Forget” What You Read