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 The Energy Game

The Energy Game > Example/Illustration > The Energy Game in a Dead Moth
Feynman describes a game of tracing all energy back to the sun, and Chet Raymo provides an example of this with a moth being carried away by ants.
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 Religious Ignorance Versus Enlightenment's Education of t...

William Tyndale Translates the New Testament into English > Contrast > Bad Men Hoard Knowledge
When a scholar translated the Bible to English so that anyone may read it, he was branded a heretic; however, Diderot admonished specialists who hoarded their knowledge and denied humanity the benefit of their discoveries.
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 Culture as an Evolutionary Strategy, It's Danger, and Sci...

The Evolution of Culture > Cause and Effect > The Danger of Culture and Science as the Solution
Before the study of Memetics, Feynman provides a succinct description of culture as memes, and then later, he describes the danger of culture, erroneous memes, the cure for which is science.