Periodicals>Journal Article:  Festini, McDonough, Park (17 May 2016), The Busier the Better: Greater Busyness Is Associated with Better Cognition, Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, Retrieved on 2016-05-24
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    24 MAY 2016

     Busyness Correlated with Improved Cognitive Performance

    Sustained engagement in mentally challenging activities has been shown to improve memory in older adults. We hypothesized that a busy schedule would be a proxy for an engaged lifestyle and would facilitate cognition. Here, we examined the relationship between busyness and cognition in adults aged 50–89. Participants (N = 330) from the Dallas Lifespan Brain Study (DLBS) completed a cognitive battery and the Martin and Park Environmental Demands Questionnaire (MPED), an assessment of busyness...
    Folksonomies: cognition aging
    Folksonomies: cognition aging
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