Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Howard, Jeff (SUMMER 1997), TECHNOS Interview: Jeff Howard, TECHNOS, TECHNOS VOL. 6 NO. 2 • SUMMER 1997, Retrieved on 2014-03-16
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    16 MAR 2014

     The Nintendo Effect

    Technology can play an important role, but we haven’t had the time or wherewithal to explore it fully. I’m waiting for a breakthrough process, which I think may happen in mathematics. The people at Nintendo figured out billions of dollars ago that you pull kids in, you get them engaged, and that’s the model: engagement of intensive focused effort. The result is rapid incremental development of new skills and capabilities. These kids operate at a speed and accuracy level unheard of outsi...
    Folksonomies: education gamification
    Folksonomies: education gamification
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    Nintendo has tapped into the secret of keeping kids engaged for hours.