Periodicals>Journal Article:  Karlén, Karlsson, Mattsson, Lundströmer, Codeluppi, Pham, Bäckman, Ögren, Åberg, Hoffman, Sherling, Lupica, Hoffer, Spenger, Josephson, Brené, Olson (2009 November 13), Nogo receptor 1 regulates formation of lasting memories, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 106(48): 20476–20481, Retrieved on 2013-03-22
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    22 MAR 2013

     Nogo receptor 1 Key to a Plastic Mind

    Formation of lasting memories is believed to rely on structural alterations at the synaptic level. We had found that increased neuronal activity down-regulates Nogo receptor-1 (NgR1) in brain regions linked to memory formation and storage, and postulated this to be required for formation of lasting memories. We now show that mice with inducible overexpression of NgR1 in forebrain neurons have normal long-term potentiation and normal 24-h memory, but severely impaired month-long memory in both...
    Folksonomies: memory plasticity
    Folksonomies: memory plasticity
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    NgR1 found to be key in the formation of long-term memories.