Capitalism Derides the Human Invention

When individuals shunt the comprehensive cosmic regeneration into exclusive advantaging of only their own survival and enjoyment and succeed in prolonged local short-circuiting of cosmic regenerativity, they disqualify the invention "human" as a reliable function of regenerative Universe. They are just as irresponsible in the cosmic system as the company employees who pocket the cash register contents for their own account. This is cosmically true of a childless multimillionaire maneuvering himself into a position to make a big profit involving "hardheaded," absolutely selfish decisions that will knowingly and legally deprive many others of survival necessities-- "to hell with the next generation"--which deal will win him the applause of other powerfully rich individuals because it makes them feel more comfortable about their own summa cum selfishness.

If you ignorantly believe there's not enough life support available on planet Earth for all humanity, then survival only of the fittest seems self-flatteringly to warrant magnaselfishness. However, it is due only to humans' born state of ignorance and the 99.99 percent invisibility of technological capabilities that they do not recognize the vast abundance of resources available to support all humanity at an omni-high standard of living.

We have now scientifically and incontrovertibly found that there is ample to support all humanity. But humanity and its leaders have not yet learned so in sufficiently convincing degree to reorient world affairs in such a manner as to realize a sustainable high standard of living for all.


Wealthy people reducing the survivability of their fellow humans work under the false assumption that there are insufficient resources for everyone on Earth.

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 Grunch of Giants
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Fuller , R. Buckminster (2008), Grunch of Giants, Design Science, Retrieved on 2011-06-01
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